Inspirations, Vol. 1

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The inspiration for this album comes from many sources and experiences. There’s no denying I have always loved and been inspired by film music (John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, James Horner to name a few). Howard Shore’s music from The Lord of the Rings has always had a special place in my heart. Video game music from the Halo series by Martin O’Donnell, and classical music of Chopin, Samuel Barber, Beethoven, Mahler, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, and many others. Personal experiences hiking in the mountains and travelling to unique places has also played an influential role in my music. For example, ‘Roof of the World’ was influenced by my 12 day trek through the beautiful Khumbu Valley to Everest Base Camp, and ‘As Time Went By’ is based on a short moment spent on a rock ledge along a gorge in the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. These places in nature are an immense source of creative energy and allow me to relax and meditate upon my next piece of music.