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Jeff Heim is an award-winning composer with credits in the film, video game, and TV industry.

Best known for his music in the popular kids game, Poptropica, Jeff has scored music for 50+ projects worldwide. His music can be heard in a wide variety of large and small projects across multiple platforms. Most recently, Jeff composed music for the live action series Gamer’s Generation, which has over 300 million views in China.

Jeff earned his bachelor’s degree in music theory at the University of New Hampshire. His career began as a student at UNH while collaborating online with film and video game makers. He continues to work with many of the same developers today.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys travelling, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family in the United States and in Brazil.



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Clients & Testimonials

'the best experience I've had as a director working with a composer'

Working with Jeff was the best experience I’ve had as a director working with a composer. He really understands and delivers the emotional beats the film tries to achieve in every moment, and always finds ways to make the music work even around tough corners. On top of that he just creates really great melodies and harmonies that are a combination of fun, epic, and inspiring to listen to.

Bruce X. Li

Director (Caught)

'the quality of the accompanying music was exceptional'

We used ‘Truth Lies Within’ in a company video. The video made everyone proud to work there and it had an emotional impact on viewers because the quality of the accompanying music was exceptional.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

United States Department of Energy

'exactly that kind of music I was looking for!'

Many thanks for your feedback and composing this amazing soundtrack!! Your work was exactly that kind of music I was looking for!

Fuchs Productions

Video Production (Iceland 4K)



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