If you’re feeling isolated and alone during this time, you’re not alone! New track “Solitude” features piano, strings, and horn. Enjoy!

2020 Countdown – 10 Tracks in 10 Days

As we near the end of the decade, I’ve taken some time to look back upon the music I’ve written over the past ten years and realized a few things…

– Whatever improvements I’ve made as a composer are pretty subjective. There’s some music I wrote nearly 10 years ago that I like better than the music I’m writing today!

– The area of growth I’ve improved upon the most has to do with experience & versatility – the ability to adapt to new projects and genres to get things right earlier in the process.

– I still have a TON of unreleased music that I either shelved or didn’t bother releasing. I’ll spend these last 10 days of 2019 going through my old stuff and release a track per day – starting now.

Happy New Year!


New track “Earthrise” features soft strings, brass, flute, and harp. What began as an exercise with harmonic progressions gradually developed into a short, peaceful epilogue. Outside inspiration came from the beautiful “Ad Astra” soundtrack by Max Richter. Enjoy!

O Sonho

O Sonho (The Dream) features music box, piano, strings, flute, and oboe. A through-composed journey built upon a simple idea.


New track “Today” features piano, orchestra, and ethnic percussion & flute. Sunset image taken last Fall while hiking over Pedra da Mina in Brazil. Enjoy 🙂